Guinea pigs make fabulous pets for a wide range of individuals, however to be certain that your pet is upbeat you need to ensure you are caring for your cavies accurately.

Like all pets guinea pigs are not creatures that don’t require care. They rely upon you, their proprietor, to take care of them and provide food for every one of their needs. Cavies need every day care, for example, taking care of, preparing (particularly in long-haired varieties), exercise and clinical consideration.

Lets start with the convenience. Your pig’s home should be sheltered and extensive (yet not very enormous as cavies have helpless visual perception and are frequently frightened of open zones). Guinea pig confines and pens make perfect homes for cavies as they are frequently made particularly for them. Most of bunny boxes and confines are likewise reasonable. The perfect size box for a guinea piggie is 3ft or 4ft (length) x 2ft (profundity) x 2ft (tallness). Enclosures ought to have a comparable measure of room. The floor ought not be made out of wire or work as there’s a threat of the pig getting their foot or leg and breaking it which could be deadly. Their home ought to likewise give some protection to the piggie. Cavies additionally want to live two by two or little groups so their convenience should be appropriate for more than one piggy.

Your guinea piggie’s home should have reasonable sheet material. For a cubby this is probably going to be paper, roughage and sawdust (don’t utilize sawdust or wood chippings if your pet is hypersensitive to them). Stay away from straw as it tends to be sharp and guinea pigs have delicate skin. Bedding for a pen is bound to be destroyed paper and additionally feed. Bedding, regardless of whether it be in a box or pen, ought to be cleared out week by week.

Mates: In the wild, cavies are seldom all alone; this is on the grounds that they are social crowd creatures and feel that security is in numbers. Therefor your pig ought not be on their own (except if they don’t continue ahead with others or are in danger of injury from different pigs). When purchasing pigs you ought to in a perfect world purchase (at least two) from a similar litter as they will know one another. On the other hand you could have a go at acquainting another guinea piggie with a cavy you as of now have yet a lot of time and care ought to be taken as one of them may feel threatened by the guinea pig or carry on predominantly. As a matter of fact I have discovered that females show signs of improvement than guys do with guys. You can keep guys and females together however they should be fixed except if you’re set up for heaps of infant piggies.

If it’s not too much trouble note that guinea pigs and hares ought not live respectively in a similar cubby or confine as the hare can show forceful conduct and hurt the pig.

Wild guinea pigs are continually moving and are outside in the natural air. It is significant that your pigs have a protected spot they can go for work out. In a perfect world this ought to be an outside exercise pen that is protected and secure. Never leave your piggie unattended outside.

Food is one of the most significant parts of keeping guinea piggies: it is significant that you feed your pig the right nourishments. They ought to have a dried or beneficial food that is defined for guinea pigs – hare food doesn’t have the important nutrients and minerals that these little pets need. Whatever food your pet has check it has Vitamin C in it as this is a significant nutrient guinea pigs need as they can’t make it like different creatures, for example, bunnies, can. Pigs additionally need a scope of new products of the soil as: carrots, cucumber and little amounts of broccoli, cabbage and romaine lettuce – the more obscure green the vegetable the better. Your pet will likewise require a consistent flexibly of value roughage and grass.

Like all creatures cavies need water to endure, such water that you’ll have to give. The water ought to be spotless and changed somewhere around each other day. It very well may be given in a water bowl or a water bottle, the last of which is more sterile.

Diversion: Cavies can get exhausted effectively do you’ll have to give toys and other beguilement sources to keep your piggie engaged during the day. In the event that you have beyond what one pig they can help keep each other engaged while you are away.

All guinea pigs need customary prepping to keep their jacket sound and sparkly. This is particularly significant for long-haired varieties (Peruvian and sheltie pigs) – if any of their stools get trapped in their hair, it can get tangled, attract flies to the pig and cause a terrible disease. Prepping is likewise a decent method to bond with your pet as most cavies cherished being brushed. You can likewise utilize this chance to check your pet’s body for any variations from the norm, knocks or scratches.